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  • Apollo 2ft6 Hercules Bed

    The Hercules from Apollo gives total body support from head to toe with its 1500 pocket springs. The 1500 pocket springs in the mattress work independently of one another to support parts of the body individually, giving adequate support to each part - for example the heavier parts of the body like the hips. The pocket springs are combined with sumptuous layers of 'rebound' cotton for increased comfort. This mattress is hand tufted with woollen tufts and finished in a hypo-allergenic cotton cover - this allows the mattress to breathe and absorb moisture, meaning it keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

  • Apollo 2ft6 Calypso Bed

    The Apollo Calypso is a sumptuous bed with optimum comfort and support. It comes with a 1500 count pocket spring and a 5cm layer of memory foam on both the top and bottom of the pocket springs. The foam reacts to your body heat and moulds to your body contours, relieving pressure points and giving support where it is needed most, while each individual pocket spring moves with you to support every part of your body. The Calypso is a hypo-allergenic, 2 sided mattress covered with an indulgent hand tufted four-way stretch knitted fabric with handles for easy turning. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

  • Apollo 2ft6 Dual Memory Bed

    The Apollo Dual Memory is a luxurious bed that offers excellent comfort and support. The mattress consists of a 5cm layer of high quality visco-elastic memory foam on both sides of the mattress with a layer of 1500 pocket springs sandwiched in between ensuring the Dual Memory provides optimal support. The 1500 pocket springs work independently of one another to support each part of the body and give it the best support possible. The memory foam will mould to your body contours, increasing your comfort and allowing you to totally relax for a refreshing nights sleep. The Dual Memory is finished in a high quality micro-quilted damask cover and is a hypo-allergenic mattress. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

  • Respa 2ft6 Diamond 4000 Bed

    Respa have made a unique spring system working in conjunction with natural fillings making the Diamond extremely flexible to the body’s contours. Cotton, Silk, Cashmere and pure new Wool are materials that come from nature combined with Natural latex assisting healthy movement during sleep. So when you choose Respa Diamond, you can sleep well knowing that your bed made from the best materials around. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €900.00

    Special Price €611.14

  • Apollo 2ft6 Kensington Bed

    The Westminster Kensington bed is the perfect combination of indulgence and support. The mattress comes with 1500 pocket springs that move independently of each other and move with your body to provide unique support from head to toe. Packed in on top of these pocket springs are sumptuous layers of wool and cotton mix topped with a 5cm layer of Talalay latex. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

  • Shire 2ft6 Dual Seasons Bed

    Create that perfect temperature in bed whatever the weather with a Shire Dual Seasons mattress, with different fillings on each side for all seasons. Dual Seasons is a luxurious 2 sided mattress. 1 side features 25mm of memory foam to keep you warm in the winter, and the other side features 20mm of latex which keeps you cooler during those hot summer nights. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

  • Shire 2ft6 Kensington Divan Bed

    The Shire Kensington Divan Bed is a stunning model of craftsmanship that offers a firm, orthopaedic support, whilst soft to the touch for a restful nights sleep. The Shire Kensington has a generous 2000 count quality pocket spring unit together with luxurious fillings of cashmere, lambs wool and cotton, encapsulated in a sumptuous damask cover. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

7 Item(s)

per page