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4ft6 Standard Double Divan Beds

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Double Divan Beds. For the largest selection of 4ft6 (135cms) divan beds in Ireland, Find the bed of your Dreamzzz at

4ft6 Standard Double Divan Beds

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  • Apollo 4ft6 Midas Bed

    The Midas from Apollo is a luxurious bed that offers total comfort and support. The mattress has an open coil spring unit covered with a 60mm layer of high density memory foam bonded to reflex foam. The foam reacts to your body heat and moulds to your body contours, relieving pressure points and giving support where it is needed most. Generous layers of fillings are added to create plush cushioning. The Midas is a hypo-allergenic, no turn mattress covered with a sumptuous four-way stretch knitted fabric. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €345.00

    Special Price €276.00

  • 4ft6 Silver Supreme Bed

    The Silver Supreme is a luxurious bed that provides optimal comfort and support. Its double-sided mattress has a 13.5 gauge open coil system, reflex foam, 1200g Topaz insulator pads and a perimeter support ensure a high quality, supportive mattress. These fillings are held together by a sumptuously knitted soft touch fabric, with a dual density polyester that gives you that 'sinking' feeling without losing support. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €379.00

    Special Price €303.20

  • Easy Rest 4ft6 Premier Ultimate Airflow Bed

    The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively. The mattress has Hypo-Allergenic fillings such as reflex foam and superbond padding combined with an Air Flow breathable border, which helps keep it fresh and clean thus ensuring the quality, comfortable and durability of the mattress, this is all topped of with a knitted fabric cover which adds a soft, touchable finish. Learn More
    3~4 Weeks

    Regular Price: €405.00

    Special Price €324.00

  • Respa 4ft6 Backcare Bed - Double

    For those who prefer or require firmer support, our specially designed backcare model is the ideal choice. This model has, for years, set the standard by which all orthopedic beds are judged. Features include: * 12.5 gauge spring unit * Firm support * High quality damask fabric * Regular turning recommended Learn More
    In Stock

    Regular Price: €675.00

    Special Price €482.13

  • Respa 4ft6 Backcare Supreme Bed

    New to the Backcare range, The Backcare supreme by Respa has added extra luxury and comfort, yet retaining the chiropractic attributes of posture and support of the Backcare model. Learn More
    In Stock

    Regular Price: €735.00

    Special Price €498.75

  • 4ft6 Twin Comfort Bed

    The Twin Comfort is a sumptuous bed ensuring a comfortable nights sleep and maximum pressure relief for you. It's combination of memory foam and high density reflex foam together with the individual pocket springs in the mattress work to erase all pressure points. As the foams respond to heat and pressure it will mould to the contours of your body, aligning the shoulders and hips. While the pocket springs respond individually to your body and give unique support from head to toe while also preventing roll together. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €810.00

    Special Price €648.00

  • 4ft6 Sofia 2000 Bed

    The Sofia 2000 is a lavishly comfortable bed with a dual function mattress that regulates body temperature and reduces pressure points for a healthier, more supportive nights sleep. The memory foam and reflex foam will contour your body, immediately giving support and relieving all pressure points. An encapsulated pocket spring unit gives unique support from head to toe, that combined with the foam means you will experience less tossing and turning. A pillow top on this mattress adds a touch of luxury. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €989.00

    Special Price €791.20

  • 4ft6 Aruba 2000 Bed

    The Aruba 2000 bed is a sumptuous combination of visco latex and reflex foam, giving unbeatable support and body alignment from edge to edge. The soft plush feel of this mattress is consistent as the mixed foam moulds to your body shape and instantly rebounds as soon as you move position. The filling of this mattress is completed with individual pocket springs, that not only heighten comfort, support and pressure point relief given but also prevents roll together. The Aspire is finished in a gorgeous stretch silk fabric with a side stitched damask border. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €1,009.00

    Special Price €807.20

  • King Koil 4ft6 Five Star Support Pillow Top Bed

    The King Koil Five Star Support Pillow top is a luxurious and supportive pocketed mattress featuring both pocket-coil units and generous fillings to support the lower back and lumbar area. With an additional luxurious pinched pillow top for that legendary 5 star comfort. Learn More
    3~4 Weeks

    Regular Price: €1,440.00

    Special Price €1,152.00

9 Item(s)

per page