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4ft Small Double Mattress

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Small Double Mattresses - 4ft (120cm) - For the largest selection of 4ft (120cms) mattresses in Ireland visit, the website that you can find the bed of your dreamzzzzz

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  • Tailored Guild Collection 4ft Pocket Deluxe Mattress

    The Tailored Guild Collection Pocket Deluxe Mattress combines pocket springs, high density foam and natural fibre fillings for a sumptuously comfortable, supportive and durable mattress! Learn More
    In Stock

    Regular Price: €329.00

    Special Price €263.20

  • Respa 4ft Jasmine Mattress

    The Respa Jasmine mattress offers outstanding comfort and support for a re-energising nights sleep! Crafted with Respa's own 13.5 gauge RespaTeck Spring System that is combined with insulating fibre pads and foam giving total body support from head to toe and sumptuous comfort. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €389.00

    Special Price €311.20

  • Shire 4ft Ortho Pocket Mattress

    The Shire Ortho Pocket mattress is a firm, orthopaedic mattress with the added comfort of 1000 pocket springs to help ease away the stress of the day. Each of the 1000 pocket springs work independently to ensure that all parts of your body are supported and that your spine is aligned while you sleep. Together with generous layers of luxurious orthopaedic fillings, the Shire Ortho Pocket offers orthopaedic support and adds a little extra comfort to allow you to wake feeling revitalised. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €390.00

    Special Price €312.00

  • The Belvedere 4ft Mattress

    The Belvedere Pillowtop Mattress oozes luxury, comfort and support with 1000 pocket springs and a sumptuous pillowtop cushion! As a pocket sprung mattress the 1000 pocket springs ensure total body support from head to toe. As each pocket spring moves independently, it gives more security against roll together or roll off and less partner disturbance. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €395.00

    Special Price €316.00

  • Sealy 4ft Pearl Elite Orthopedic Mattress

    The Pearl Elite features Sealy's PostureTech Zero Deflection spring system for a remarkably firm feel - our most supportive ever giving extra durability and support, Ideal for people of above average stature. Designed in conjunction with leading orthopaedic surgeons and scientists this mattress offers a Consistently firmer support across the entire surface of the mattress and the Sealy Edge Guard provides edge-to-edge support for greater durability and comfort. Learn More
    2~3 Weeks

    Regular Price: €475.00

    Special Price €380.00

  • Shire 4ft Richmond 2000 Pocket Mattress

    Enjoy an undisturbed, peaceful sleep that will leave you energised for an active day with the Shire Richmond 2000 Pocket mattress. 2000 individually housed pocket springs give you a sumptuous mattress that mean no roll together and no partner disturbance. The pocket springs give greater body support as the springs react to give support where it is needed most, eg. to heavier parts of your body such as your hips and shoulders. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €520.00

    Special Price €416.00

  • Sealy 4ft Pearl Memory Mattress

    The Pearl Memory offers high quality support and comfort with its superior sprung memory filling. Sealy's own PostureTech 620 system - a weight responsive system that offers total body support - is topped with a layer of memory foam to give a little extra support and comfort on top with its soft knitted fabric cover. Learn More
    3~4 Weeks

    Regular Price: €529.00

    Special Price €423.20

  • Shire 4ft Latex 2000 Mattress

    2000 Pocket Springs with an exceedingly comfortable Latex layer... The Shire Latex 2000 mattress is perfect to dream your aches and pains away! Not only does this mattress offer firm, orthopaedic support but it is also a must for allergy sufferers. Its latex layer of 20mm is not only almost 100% natural but its hypo allergenic and dust mite resistant features mean it can create a breathable, tranquil haven for anyone who may choose to laze on it. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €645.00

    Special Price €516.00

  • Shire 4ft Kensington Mattress

    The Shire Kensington Mattress is a stunning model of craftsmanship that offers a firm, orthopaedic support, whilst soft to the touch for a restful nights sleep. The Shire Kensington has a generous 2000 count quality pocket spring unit together with luxurious fillings of cashmere, lambs wool and cotton, encapsulated in a sumptuous damask cover. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €675.00

    Special Price €540.00

  • Shire 4ft EcoSnug Mattress

    The EcoSnug is an indulgent bedbug banishing mattress, that with its EcoShield technology ensures a supremely comfortable sleep, as nature intended! The EcoSnug is a medium-firm mattress with a 3000 pocket spring count and luxurious natural fillings, the natural fillings ensure the EcoSnug is a lavish, highly resilient, soft but strong mattress. With EcoShield technology this mattress wards off any unwanted bugs that may invite themselves into our beds. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €699.00

    Special Price €559.20

  • Shire 4ft Sandringham Mattress

    Traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist, the Sandringham mattress boasts a 3000 pocket spring count for a more luxurious nights sleep. 3000 pocket springs, each resting in its own pocket and moving independently means the Sandringham has no roll together and gives a more enhanced support to your body. These work effortlessly with cashmere, silk, wool and other sumptuous natural fillings to create a comfortable, relaxing haven to rejuvenate your body for an active day. Learn More
    1~2 Weeks

    Regular Price: €735.00

    Special Price €588.00

  • Tailored Guild Collection 4ft Natural Ortho Mattress

    The Natural Ortho uses a combination of natural fillings such as silk, cashmere, lambswool and the finest signature Belgian damask with 2000 pocket springs to provide a natural, firm and supportive sleep sensation. Learn More
    3~4 Weeks

    Regular Price: €775.00

    Special Price €620.00

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