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4ft Small Double

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  1. €915.00

    Maximise storage space in your bedroom and create that perfect temperature in bed whatever the weather with a Shire Dual Seasons Drawer Bed with different fillings on each side for all seasons! Dual Seasons is a luxurious 2 sided mattress and 1 side features 25mm of memory foam to keep you warm in the winter, while the other side features 20mm of latex which keeps you cooler during those hot summer nights. Learn More
  2. Shire 4ft Latex 2000 2 Drawer Bed
    SKU: 4ftlat20002bed

    2000 Pocket Springs with an exceedingly comfortable Latex layer... The Shire Latex 2000 mattress is perfect to dream your aches and pains away!

    Not only does this mattress offer firm, orthopaedic support but it is also a must for allergy sufferers. Its latex layer of 20mm is not only almost 100% natural but its hypo allergenic and dust mite resistant features mean it can create a breathable, tranquil haven for anyone who may choose to laze on it.

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  3. €1,249.00

    With a 6 inch white foam sheet, a 5cm layer of latex and topped with another 2 inches of foam finished with an Active Response Tencel covered pillow top for luxurious comfort that also absorbs moisture, this mattress will give you a dry and comfortable nights sleep. Learn More
  4. €1,375.00

    You can give your body ultimate support and comfort as you sleep with this luxurious mattress. 2000 individual pocket springs are packed into the mattress and act independently, moulding your body to provide better support where its needed. Pocket springs will also mean no partner disturbance. The springs are encased with latex, a naturally occurring substance, together with another 40mm latex layer around the springs helps relieve any pressure from your body, eg joints, and gives total relaxation to rest. Learn More
  5. €1,689.00

    This mattress is a combination of latex, tencel and a 7 zone structure. The 7 different zones, are defined by alternating grooves on the mattress. Thicker grooves are areas on the mattress designed to support heavier parts of your body, eg shoulders and hips, while thinner grooved areas support lighter parts of the body such as the legs. Combined with the latex, a naturally occurring substance that moulds the body and allows you to 'sink into' the mattress, it relieves any pressure and keeps your spine aligned while you sleep, and eases any back pain. Learn More

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5 Item(s)